This lovely template gives you the choice of several very detailed easy emboss butterflies. Emboss using the PCA® MicroBall Tool. The butterflies can be used alone ...together.. in groups or just any way you want on projects!  Butterflies are easily incorporated into floral style projects and can be moved around and angles changed at will.  If a side on butterfly shape.. you get the choice of a left or right facing version on this template.  You can cut them out and use as 3d elements or as part of a whole design... coloured..white... cut out.. perforated.. embellished! . A clear sharp embossing result is easily achieved with excellent depth. Very quick and easy to use. Place vellum on top of template. Hold vellum in position with small pieces of tape or similar.

Made by ParchCraft Australia

PCA EasyEmboss Butterflies 1

SKU: TP3196E